When Emily reached out to me about her son's first birthday, I was esthetic! Emily and I go way back to college, but that's a story for another day. Our session turned out better than we all anticipated. The boys had fun chasing each other back and forth, they even paused for a few hugs and kisses. Both Wyatt and Grayson stole my hearts. Scroll down to meet Wyatt and his brother Grayson and their curious personalities.

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Baby eating cake on his f1st birthday
hands adjusting numbers on a cupcake
couple holding their kids in arms outdoors
woman kissing her son on a forehead
mother holding her son in her arms
kid chewing on the letter W
brothers running towards a lake
woman throwing a kid in air
mom and son kissing
kid making a poop face
woman looking and her son proudly
a kid running aimlessly around the park with a smile on his face
two kids exploring the park
dad holding his son while the son is excited about this chalk pen
woman extending support to her son
baby eating his first birthday cupcake
baby looking up and away from his cupcake
baby courteously looking at a cupcake
one year old grabbing the numerals from top of the cake
first year old getting dirty with his cupcake
first year old sitting on a blanket in a park eating a cupcake
first year old with his crown crying
mom feeding her son bits of a cupcake
parents working together to accommodate a child in a park
one year old looking at a cupcake with determination
one year old playing with letters
one year old boy wearing crown and holding a wooden letter
one year old boy looking up for validation
baby boy having a good time during his cake smash session in a park
baby boy running uncontrollably with a wooden letter in his hand
one year old boy running around park holding a wooden letter W
baby boy running toward his mother
baby boy extending his arms like a zombie in front of him
parents playing with a baby boy in a park
one year old standing in a park holding a wooden sign
one year old with open mouth running around park
one year old chewing on a wooden letter W
one year old chewing on a wooden sign
one year old chewing on a sign
woman guiding her son to run toward him
one year old crown
one year old giving a bad boy look
close up of boy hands holding the letter w
one year old boy picking up his wooden letter
a young boy playing with a balloon
crown in foreground and parents dressing a child in foreground
parent and his two boys
big brother giving little brother a kiss
a young boy in shorts and shirt standing in the park
one year old looking over his shoulder confusingly in a park
big brother putting on his little brothers crown
parent helping a child to put on a crown
baby boy excited about his crown
boy wearing a crown
boy wearing a crown is running away from his little brother
son and father holding hands while playing in a lake
two boys standing and plotting what they will do next
close up of father and son holding hands
big brother holding his younger brothers hand helping him to stay balanced
close up of one year old feet
two young boys playing in a lake
father holding a younger child in his arms while the older child is running toward him
mom helping to calm a child down
water holding a child in his arms
son is intrigued by his fathers goofy look