1.Classic Headshot

The typical 'yearbook photo,' I refer to this pose as 'let's see if we can make grandma cry.' I tend to take this photo mid-session when my client is at ease and feeling comfortable in front of my camera. It's not the most exciting pose, but it serves its purpose – a simple and effective way to get your son on grandma's wall.

2.Leaning Pose

I use what the environment provides – trees, fences, walls, bridges, and other things that can be found at the place of a session. It's always fun to mix things up.

3.Over the shoulder look

This pose consists of standing with one shoulder pointed toward me. It's an excellent ice breaker pose that not only puts the subject at easy, but it's a fantastic pose to outline your son's most prominent facial features. It's a must-have in my book.

4.It's a truck thing

Boys and their toys. I am all for that. If your son happens to own a car that he loves, great, let's schedule a shoot. I want to help you create images that your son will look at in fifteen years and instantly have a flashback to what it felt like to drive his first car.

5.Alley pose

This pose is typical for urban environments not so much with nature portraits, so if you happen to have a favorite city in mind, let's create memories that last a lifetime.


Let me tell you, details are life. I believe small details tie in the whole experience uniquely. I tell my clients to bring props that help with showcasing their personality. Is your son a wrestler? Great, go ahead and have him bring his headgear, shoes, and wrestling bag. It doesn't matter what your son's interests are – always bring the props. Just a heads up, we might not use all accessories during the session.

7.Looking into the distance

Believe it or not, the best photos come from when I have my client look away from the camera and think about their future, or something that excites him or her. Every client has a different personality, so every photo I take using this technique is unique.

10.parking Structures

Parking structures, yes, I love them! It is another means of using your environment to your best advantage. They provide a different perspective. I love parking garages because you can find different lightning, whether you decide to use the top deck or more shaded spots on the ground-level parking.

11.Use landmarks

I am not going to sugar coat it, National Parks are EPIC, and I love them, but they aren't everything. Look around there is beauty everywhere; however, if you happen to know about Historic mark or trending spot that looks interesting, let me know I would love to check it out.

12.Get moving

I am a huge fan of adding a little bit of movement to my photos, even if it's very subtle. When I direct my client to perform some action, everything falls into place. The body relaxes, and within a split second, I can capture genuine moments of emotion.

Let's chat

I hope you enjoyed this article, and hopefully, you are leaving with some takeaways for your son's upcoming senior session. Do you need help finding the perfect location? Feel free to email with questions or shoot me a message if you want to chat all things photography.