Hi there, I am so glad you are here! I want to start by saying this a resource or so-called "guide", so whether you decide to follow my guide to dot or skim through it, I am happy to be of help. Before we dive into all the GOOD STUFF, I just wanted to say that engagement sessions are supposed to be FUN, so don't stress too much about the little things. It's not a wedding, so we aren't pressed on time with no timeline. Get ready to laugh, dance, giggle, and hugs.


Every couple's story is different. I allow my couples to pick their spot first, and if you don't necessarily have a special place dear to your heart, I offer guidance. I am a Michigan-based photographer who loves to TRAVEL, and I am always up for some adventure. Michigan is unique. There is so much to see and so much to explore – from dunes to skyscrapers, Michigan has it all.

A few questions to ask yourself to help you figure out "your spot":

  • Where did you meet?
  • Where did you go on your first date?
  • Where do you like to spend time together?
  • Do you have any hobbies you enjoy doing together?
  • Do you enjoy the outdoors or do you prefer the city life?
  • Do you prefer on-location or at-home sessions?


The best advice I can give about outfits is to be yourself. Don't buy an outfit just for the sole purpose of the session and not intend to wear it in the future. You know your style the best, if you are not so sure of what outfits to choose, I am more than happy to point you in the right direction. Most couples that I work with tend to bring 2-3 outfits depending on the length of the session. Too many outfits can ruin the entire experience; sometimes, less is more. Feel free to reach out if you are stuck and need help deciding between a couple of outfits. Ladies, we all know that it will be up to you to help prepare your significant other for the shoot. I get it, I've been there too. You know him better than anyone else, so getting together and coordinating your outfits will make you feel CONFIDENT! Matching outfits are cute, but they don't fit the engagement style shoot UNLESS you are into it, then let's do it!

  • Neutral tones and Pastels photograph the best and also pair well.
  • Wearing solids is a good route to take and won't be too distracting.
  • A pop of color for your dress or perhaps a statement jewelry piece can add a serious wow factor to your photos. You get two outfits, so why not be bold for one?

Key takeaways: Make sure you look like YOU because when you do, you feel CONFIDENT and ready to have loads of FUN!

Shine your Dimond

An engagement session is about the connection you have between you and your partner and the start of something NEW! I want to portray your emotions toward each other, BUT I do love to show off your beautiful ring! The ring is by far the most important detail of the session, so make sure it's nice and clean. The ring is unique in so many ways, whether its a ring you've dreamt of ever since you were a little girl or Family heirloom engagement ring passed on for generations.

Arrive on Time

I do not doubt that you will be on time and ready to get started, but I always like to mention that being on time at the desired location is imperative to sunrise/sunset times. Preferably, I like to schedule engagement sessions an hour and a half before sunset to get that beautiful golden glow. So, please be on time so that we can get the most out of our time.

Relax & Trust Your Photographer

No one expects you to be pro at this! I primarily work with couples that may have had professional headshots during school years, but engagement sessions are nothing like that. We'll be chatting, moving, and laughing as we try to find the best angles to showcase your love for one another. I tell all my couples that it takes a good 15-20 minutes to get comfortable in front of the camera, especially if you haven't had professional photos taken in the past. I promise I will be there every step of the way to guide you through prompts and poses. I get super excited, especially when I find great angles, so if you catch me stutter, I invite you to laugh with me. :)

What should I do with my engagement photos?

Show them off! Don't get me wrong, social media is great, I LOVE LOVE LOVE when my clients share their images on social media, but the real reason why you get your photos professionals done is to preserve the special moments between you and your partner. And the best way to keep the memory is to print your favorite images and use them to decorate your home. Visit My Print Shop to see what I offer.

Other ways to use your engagement photos are your "Save The Date" cards, wedding decor, holiday cards, and more. 

I hope some of these tips will help you prepare for your engagement session! Engaged and want to schedule an engagement session with me? Let's chat!