Better late than never. I wanted to post a little blurb about this session for a while now. Let's dive in, shall we?

You'd be surprised how long it takes to find a sunflower field that isn't on the side of a busy highway. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I got to shoot somewhere much more magical – Manchester Blooms.

This couple tho! I could talk about them for hours, so I am just going to leave you with this; I am glad these two found each other.

When you find both love and friendship in the same person, everything falls into place.

If you ever get a chance, make a trip to U-Pick Manchester Blooms flower garden. Visitors can pick flowers for a small fee. Visit Manchester Blooms on Facebook to check for details before you make the trip.



man whispering a secret to a woman
couple laughing in a field of flowers
man kissing woman in flower field
man holding woman by her waist
man holding her woman by her chest and she is looking back at him over her shoulder
smiling woman with both hands wrapped around mans neck
woman holding a sunflower to her face
couple giggling hard in a bed of flowers
woman leaning against a man
man holding a flower behind his back while woman is smiling at him
couple exemplifying serious face
woman looking and smiling back at her man
couple holding an orange bucket and scissors in flower field
man kissing a woman on a cheek
yellow flower in foreground and bee in background
woman handpicking flowers in flower garden
man cutting flowers
man holding a flower behind his back
bee sitting on a yellow flower
butterfly sitting on a flower
tattooed man holding bucket full of handpicked flowers
man dipping woman in the field
bucket full of flowers on blue table
woman holding bouquet of flowers
couple laughing in green grass field